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Timing Matters: When to Oil Your Hair for Best Results

28 Jun 2024 0 Comments
Oil Your Hair For Best Benefits

We all love our hair. We try to protect it and find ways to increase its volume. For generations, applying hair oil has been beneficial and an important factor to nourish it. Applying hair oil to our hair protects the follicles by providing the necessary nutrients.

  • What Is Hair Oiling?
  • What Are The Benefits of Applying Hair Oil?
  • How Should We Apply Oil On Hair?
  • Should We Apply Hair Oil Overnight?
  • Should We Apply Hair Oil Before We Shampoo?
  • What Is The Reason For Hair fall After Applying Hair oil?
  • ARM Pearl 6-in-1 Hair Oil For Hair Fall Control
  • Ingredients In ARM Pearl 6-in-1 Hair oil For Hair Fall Control
  • Conclusion

What Is Hair oiling?

It is the process of applying oil on the scalp and massaging it. It makes the skin soft and strengthens the roots as the oil contains the nutrients required for hair follicles. One must follow proper hair care routine to maintain its texture and volume.

Hair Oil Massage

What Are The Benefits of Applying Hair Oil?

In traditional countries like India, applying hair oil has passed like a tradition over the generations. Ancient India followed Ayurvedic practices in all aspects of their life. And according to ayurveda applying oil to hair nourishes the hair and strengthens it. Let us understand some of the benefits of applying hair oil.

Nourish And Strength

When we apply hair oil over the scalp and gentle massage, we feel relaxed and stress relieved. Hair and scalp get moisture and prevents dryness. It gives a soft texture to the hair. Hair also needs nutrients, by applying oil hair gets nourished and thus its roots are strengthened, hair fall decreases.

Promotes Hair Growth

Usually, we apply coconut oil or castor oil. These oils stimulate hair follicles and hair grows as they have the nutrients required for hair. Regular hair oil massage helps in hair growth.

Enhances Scalp Health

When we massage the scalp with oil, it regulates blood circulation and strengthens the scalp. For infants, the scalp is tender, we massage their scalp 5-6 times in a day, as it improves blood circulation and slowly the scalp hardens. It removes dryness in the scalp and dandruff. It adds nutrients and vitamins required for scalp.

Scalp Hair Oil Massage

Prevent Premature Hair Greying

Regular application of oil and massaging can prevent premature hair greying. Our grandmothers used to apply oil on regular basis and hence their hair texture, length and volume was dark, dense, strong and long.

Reduces Frizz And Tangles

Frizz in the hair makes it unmanageable. Hair strands stand away from normal hair, this condition is frizzy. When we do not apply it, the hair loses its moisturizer. It becomes dry and damaged. Frizz hair can be due to over styling, coloring, rough handling of hair while combing and excessive blow drying. In such hair conditions, massaging the hair and scalp will add moisture and softens it.

How Should We Apply Oil On Hair?

Choose the oil rich in nutrients required for scalp and hair. Usually ingredients used in herbal oils include a combination of coconut, Jojoba oil, olive, almond, hibiscus, Bringaraj, Poolankizhangu,Devadaru, Jatamansi, Sevviyam, Sirunaagapoo. Divide the hair into sections. Choose the oil and warm it, as warm oil helps deeper penetration into the hair cuticles. Massage the warm oil with fingertips on scalp for 10-15min. De-tangle hair with a comb or brush to avoid hair breakage. Wrap a hot towel around the hair for 10min so that oil absorbs deep into the scalp. Do not leave the oil on hair for long time as it accumulates dirt and clogs the pores and can lead to dandruff as well.

Wrap Cloth Around Hair After Oil Massage

Should We Apply Hair Oil Overnight?

One can apply the hair oil overnight and shampoo it the next day when the hair is too dry, frizz, and has become too rough due to weather conditions. In such cases, applying the oil for a long time softens hair and nourishes the scalp by retaining moisture. It is generally advisable to apply oil on hair for 6-8hrs and wash off. But in extreme conditions it can be applied overnight. When the oil stays for a long time, small dust particles, dirt accumulate and clog the pores which can lead to hair fall. Next day we can wash off with good hair fall control shampoo thoroughly.

Washing Hair With Shampoo

Should We Apply Hair Oil Before We Shampoo?

It is good to apply the hair oil, massage it and leave for some time say minimum 30min (3-4 hours) and wash off the oil with shampoo thoroughly. This can be done 2-3 times a week for the hair to get the required nutrition and avoid hair fall, fizziness, dryness and protect hair from damage, pollution. Choosing the right hair oil can promote hair growth and strengthen the hair follicles. Doing this regularly will nourish hair and make the hair stronger and give a beautiful look.

What Is The Reason For Hair fall After Applying Hair oil?

When we apply oil to our scalp, we massage vigorously. We must remember to massage the oil gently. Excessive application of oil can clog the pores and lead to hair fall. When we massage the scalp, the weaker strands of the hair tend to fall off and we feel sad that we are losing our hair. But do not worry as this is temporary. Continuous application of hair oil with gentle massage can add nutrients to weaker hair follicles and they become strong eventually. The hair that has fallen is weaker and so breaks. It needs nourishment for hair follicle to be strong. So it is quite common for everyone to see hair fall when we apply hair oil is a natural process and relax.

ARM Pearl 6-in-1 Hair Oil For Hair Fall Control

ARM Pearl Beauty’s 6-In-One Hair Treatment Oil With Bringraj, Shikakai And Sempooran Pattai, coconut, Devadaru, Jatamansi helps to control Hair fall, improves Hair texture & volume. All the 6 ingredients used in the oil enhance the hair growth and prevents dandruff and split ends. Adding this hair oil as your hair care routine will transform your hair into a lustrous look, healthy and fuller hair. This nourishes hair from roots to the tip and enjoy a beautiful look with your hair in a very short time.

Ingredients In ARM Pearl 6-in-1 Hair oil For Hair Fall Control

Ingredients used in 6-in-1 hair oil for hair fall control are Bringraj, Poolankizhangu,Devadaru, Jatamansi, Sevviyam, Sirunaagapoo and coconut. Bringaraj helps in promoting hair growth, Devadaru helps treat scalp conditions, Jatamansi enables hair growth by stopping hair fall. Coconut, as we all know, moisturizes hair, and makes hair soft and shiny. Sevviyam helps to prevent dandruff and split ends. Sirunaagapoo is antibacterial and anti-fungal that prevents any fungal attacks. All the herbal ingredients used in the oil are perfect for the hair to grow and maintain soft hair texture, bouncy and attain glossy hair look.

Hair Oil For Hair fall Control


Addressing our hair needs, like choosing the right oil, massaging the scalp and hair gently and responding to the hair behavior in the right way at the right time can protect and give us strong, long, healthier and beautiful hair. Apart from Hair oil, hair fall control shampoo, proper food intake with all the nutrients, good sleep and stress-free life are required to maintain healthy and beautiful hair.
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