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10 Facts You Need To Know Before You Start Using SPF

26 Jun 2024 0 Comments
10 Facts About SPF

We all know about global warming and environmental changes taking place around us. There is ozone layer depletion as well. In these conditions, it requires special care for our skin’s health. We must use Sunscreen that adds as a protection for our skin. Earlier, using sunscreens was annoying as they were sticky and greasy. But there are many different brands in the market that are absorbed easily and non-sticky.

What Is Sunscreen?

What Are The Benefits of Sunscreen?

What Are Different Types Of Sunscreen?

How Do You Choose Right Sunscreen For Your Skin?

10 Facts About Sunscreen, We Must Know?

ARM Pearl Beauty Sunscreen With SPF 50

Ingredients Used In Sunscreen With SPF 50 And SPF 25


What Is Sunscreen?

Sunscreen protects our skin from harmful UV radiation. We must use Sunscreen every single day as the direct radiation of the Sun is dangerous as they can cause cancer and other skin related diseases. Sunscreen’s SPF is Sun Protection Factor that determines how much protection we get from Sun when we use that Sunscreen. If we spend more time we need to apply Sunscreen with SPF 50. Irrespective of the season of the year, one must use Sunscreen every day, throughout the year.

Sunscreens are in the form of lotions, gels, creams, sprays. To protect our skin from this harmful radiation, it is advised to use Broad spectrum Sunscreens.

Let us know about the electromagnetic radiations (UV) present in the sunlight. 10% of the Sun radiation constitutes UV rays.

1. Ultraviolet A(UVA) 2. Ultraviolet B(UVB) 3. Ultraviolet C(UVC)

Ultraviolet A(UVA) – It is a long wavelength and causes skin aging. Though they have long wavelengths, these are associated with less energy and penetrate to skin’s middle layer. 95% of UVA radiation reaches the earth. It is proven to cause skin cancer.

Ultraviolet B(UVB) - These radiations have short wavelengths but are very powerful. They cause damage to the skin’s topmost layer. They lead to skin burning, skin tanning and at times cause blisters on the skin when over exposed.

Ultraviolet C(UVC) – These magnetic radiations have very short wavelengths and so absorbed by the Earth’s Ozone layer.

Ultra Violet Radiation Effect

What Are The Benefits of Sunscreen?

Prevents Sunburn

When we apply Sunscreen, UV rays cannot penetrate our skin. UVB rays can penetrate the clouds and reach our skin. The Sun radiations are very strong during the mid-day and in Summers. It such cases it prevents Sunburn for our skin. 

Lowers Skin Cancer

As UV rays are very strong, they can damage our skin cells DNA and increase the risk of Skin cancer. To protect our skin it is advised to use Sunscreens as it lowers the risk of skin cancer.

Delays Anti-Aging

Exposure to sun radiation damages the skin cells, lowers the production of collagen, and in turn our skin starts aging. Proper usage of sunscreens can delay anti-aging, wrinkles and sunspots.

Lowers Hyperpigmentation And Melasma

Long lasting exposure to Sun UV rays can cause melasma and hyperpigmentation. To avoid such skin conditions, Suncreen with SPF protects our skin’s health.

SPF Calculation

SPF means Sun Protection Factor using this equation.

Take the time you would normally burn in the sun without protection, 20 minutes will normally produce redness on a light skinned individual. Multiply this number by the SPF of your product.

Example - SPF 30 SPF 30*20 Minutes = 600 600 min one can stay without burning in sun. 600 minutes divided by 1 hour of 60 minutes = 30. It means within 30 minutes an individual’s skin turns red.

10 Facts About SPF We Must Know


Sunscreen With SPF 50

Sunscreens with SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB radiation. SPF 50 indicates, our skin takes 50 times longer time to burn from UV rays, when compared to not using the Sunscreen. SPF acts as a shield to our skin.

Sunscreen With SPF 30

Sunscreen With SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB radiation. SPF 30 indicates, our skin takes 30 times long time to burn our skin from UV rays, when compared to not using any sunscreens. Its only 1% less when compared to SPF 50.

Sunscreen With SPF 25

Sunscreen With SPF 25 blocks 96% of UVB radiation. SPF 25 indicates, our skin takes 25 times long time to burn our skin from UV rays, when compared to not using any sunscreens. Its only 2% less when compared to SPF 50.

Sunscreen With PA++++

Sunscreen with SPF 50 provides a protective shield around the skin.

PA stands for Protection Grade. When we use Sunscreen with PA++++, it provides exceptional defense shield to our skin layer from UV radiation. The higher the SPF, the more the protection for the skin layer.

PA: Provides some UVA protection.

PA+: Provides moderate UVA protection.

PA++: Provides good UVA protection.

PA+++: Provides very good UVA protection.

PA++++: Provides extremely good UVA protection.

The higher the ‘+’ the more protection we get from the Sunscreen we used.

About Sunscreen SPF +++

Frequency Of Application

It is advised to use Sunscreen every 2 hours, after which the sunscreen wears off. Water and sweat can rinse sunscreen. We need to re-apply after we sweat and swim. It is advised to re-apply even though we do not sweat or swim every 2 hours as it wears off.

Sunscreen SPF When We Are Indoors

Even though we are at home or indoors and not directly exposed to Sun rays, we must use Sunscreen. The Sun rays penetrate through the walls and can affect our skin tone, Sunscreen with SPF 25 would work when we are indoors.

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

It is always good to use Broad Spectrum Sunscreen as they provide protection with both UVA and UVB radiation.

Possibility Of Suntan With Sunscreen

There is possibility of Suntan with sunscreen as no sunscreen can provide 100% protection from Sun’s UV rays. Depending on the SPF we chose and duration of the time we are exposed to sunlight, our protection level depends on and accordingly the skin tans.

Possibility Of Sunburn In Shade

Shades do not completely protect us from Sun’s UV rays. UV rays can reflect off water, sand, snow and reach us. Proper clothing and Sunglasses are also required to use when we are outdoors.

Necessity Of Sunscreen After 5PM

We do need sunscreen after 5PM, as Sun is visible. It is always mandatory to use a Sunscreen whenever Sun is visible indoors and outdoors. Only time to avoid using Sunscreens is during nights, as Sun is not visible.

How To Choose Right Sunscreen For Your Skin

This is a tricky question. As there are many products in the market, we need to choose the one it suits our skin tone. People with oily skin must look for oil free Sunscreens, dry skin must have hydrating effect on the skin as it must keep the skin hydrated and sensitive skin must find a gentle Sunscreen.

ARM Pearl Sunscreen With SPF 50 and SPF 25

ARM Pearl Beauty has Day Cream Sunscreen With SPF 50 and Swarna Day Cream Sunscreen With SPF 25. Sunscreen With SPF 50 can we used when we step outside and Sunscreen With SPF 25 when we are indoors. Sunscreen with SPF 50 is ultra-light lotion and provides PA+++, means exceptional protection and non-greasy and suits all skin types. Swarna Day Cream broad spectrum with SPF 25 PA+++, protects indoors. It is induced with gold particles, removes black spots and open pores.

Ingredients In Sunscreen With SPF 50 And Sunscreen With SPF 25

Nutmeg, Ketaki flower extract, Hyaluronic acid, calendula, Pushpanjana extract, Jasada Bhasma are the ingredients in day cream Sunscreen with SPF 50. All the ingredients extract contributes, to skin nourishment, skin purification, prevent dryness, soothes skin and primarily protects skin from UV damage.

Sunscreen With SPF 50 Ingredients

The ingredients in Swarna day cream with SPF 25 has Gold Bhasma, Ketaki, Lico rice, saffron, Sandalwood and Rose. All the ingredients blend and give a luxurious, soothing, hydrating touch to the skin.

Sunscreen with SPF 25 Ingredients


We must apply sunscreen 15min before we get exposed to Sunlight. We must apply it on face, ears, feet, neck, back, eyes and lips and all areas that we directly exposed to sunlight. Lip balm with SPF 25 are available in the market. Using these lip balms can protect our lips from Sun radiation. Children under 6months do not sunscreen. They must be put in shade to protect from sun rays.


10 Facts About Sunscreen, ARM Pearl Beauty Sunscreen With SPF 50, How Do You Choose Right Sunscreen For Your Skin?, Ingredients Used In Day Screen With SPF 50, Sunscreen With SPF 25, What Are Different Types Of Sunscreen?, 
What Are The Benefits of Sunscreen?, What Is Sunscreen?, You Need To Know Before You Start Using SPF


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